Artikelen van Froukje

Rebuild by Design

On October 28 in New York and New Jersey, Team BIG, presented their second phase of Rebuild by Design. In this phase, Team BIG showed how neighborhoods in the floodplain can strategically grow to provide the coastal protection and resilient infrastructure.

Natura Docet Wonderryck – Opening

Natura Docet Wonderryck was opened last Saturday. ND Wonderryck is a museum for natural history and landscape center in Denekamp. The building also doubles as the visitor center of Nationaal Landschap Noordoost-Twente, one of the 20 protected landscapes in the Netherlands. The building was renovated by SeARCH, while LOLA redesigned the garden. Part of the […]

Rotterdam-Maaskant prize for LOLA

LOLA Landscape Architects wins the 2013 Rotterdam-Maaskant prize for young architects. The prize goes to LOLA landscape architects because with their designs they shape in their own way a sublime experience in the city and landscape. They combine the knowledge of large-scale ecosystems with their own conception of space. The prize includes the publication of […]

Round Table NYC

On March 5, 2013, Dutch Water Design joins Schultz van Haegen, the Dutch Minister of Infrastructure and Environment to a closed round table conference in NYC on Water and Disasters. Link to the official Press Release