Embassy Rabat

The Dutch and German governments are planning to combine their chancelleries in Rabat, Morocco on a large plot in the southern part of the city. Atelier Kempe Thill and LOLA have been selected for the realization of buildings and outdoor spaces.

The garden is realized under rare conditions: due to safety regulations it is heavily walled and compartmented and largely inaccessible. This makes the garden rather a 3d painting than a place, with limited view lines. In the garden design slices of landscape are composed to be viewed from predefined perspectives from the chancellery and the street. With a minimum amount of surface treatment a maximum amount of depth in the perspective is created.

The tree species consist of several palm species and colourful smaller shrub like trees. In this mix of plants there will be several heights levels for framing the views. In between the vegetation ‘frames’ there will be a ground cover of gravel in the garden and fixed pavement. The edges of the planters are a special detail that should give the planters a roughly cut edge and a sense of outdoors, not so cultivated. The pavement areas at the entrances are very well suited for events, and in the garden there will be larger gravel areas where it will be possible to sit and relax on movable and stackable garden furniture. The garden will be LEED-certified, which poses some large challenges on the landscape design. The chancellery garden is to be lush and green, and this requires the harvesting and storing of rainwater onsite, as well as the use of planting that withstands three months of drought in the summer. Construction is planned in 2014.

Location: Rabat, Morocco
Client: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands
Collaborators: Lola Landscape Architects, Atelier Kempe Thill architects & urban planners, MB Paysage
Year: 2011