Poelzone Westland

Landscape design for a 21 ha ecological connection right through the greenhouse-filled Westland in the Netherlands.

Main features of the ecological zone are a long stretch for ecological waterlines; a 1.5 km winding bicycle route, 15 plots for new houses and an innovative setup a 2.2 ha spawning grounds for fish. Here, fish can spawn and young fish can grow up in the safety of water plants. The spawning grounds double as a park and natural attraction for inhabitants and visitors. A route will take people to eye level with the water, making it possible for them to witness the natural spectacle each spring.

LOLA also designed the animal tree, an artificial stacked wooden structure with separate enclosures for birds, insects, small mammals, bees and butterflies. The beast tree serves as a habitat for a whole ecosystem, but also serves as a landmark. NEXT architects were involved in the design of the bat bridge: a bridge as ideal enclosure for four different species of bats, including a bunker for winter shelter.

Location: Westland, The Netherlands
Client: Municipality of Westland
Collaborators: Lola Landscape Architects
Year: 2012 – 2015