Water Wonen

Water Wonen investigates the possibilities of living on water. Water Wonen is liquid urbanism

Water Wonen emerged from a simple observation: why are houseboats not self-propelled?

Low water

Paradoxically houseboats are immobile; they can’t go anywhere. If they want to re-locate they need a towboat…

High water

On the water, in principle you are footloose. You can go ‘anywhere’. Water Wonen provides a ‘docking station’: for energy, for dumping your trash, for parking your car, for picking up mail, for water, for sewage etc.

Some parts of the Low Lands will be designated as ‘retention area’. This means that excess water, for instance as a result of increasingly heavy rains, can be temporarily stored. It is a controlled way of flooding. Carefully chosen fragments of the landscape will be drowned in order to keep dry feet elsewhere. Water Wonen explores how these areas can be converted into usable ‘land’.

Location: Polder Waterparel near Gouda
Client: Ontwerpatelier waterwonen / Heijmans Vastgoed BV, Design and Development
Collaborators: NL Architects, Ana Lagoa, Thomas Scherzer and West 8 Urban Design & Landscape Architecture
Year: 2006