Delta Design

Designing the Dutch Delta Programme

The aim of the Delta Programme is to protect the Netherlands against high water and to ensure an adequate freshwater supply, today and in the future. Many aspects play a role in this, ranging from the environment and the economy, to nature, agriculture and recreation.

In early 2009 Posad started its activities for the Southwestern Delta in Goes. In this workshop on the Southwestern Delta, research (by design) is being undertaken. Lectures are organized and several parties are asked to work on and think about the Delta. The commissioner -the committee Southwestern Delta- includes representatives of the province of Zeeland, South-Holland and North-Brabant. The ministries of Housing, Public Works and Agriculture are also involved.

Posad was responsible for creating the Atlas of the Southwestern Delta, an inventory of the area features, statistics and existing plans for the area. This Atlas is border surpassing: three counties, four ministries, seven watermanagement boards, several municipalities and the port authority supplied data to this ‘standard reference work’ for the entire Dutch Delta program.

Posad also conducted research on deltas and estuaries in Europe (5+5: vijf estuaries and vijf deltas in Europe) and was involved in the scenarios for the Southwest Delta. These scenarios describe a delta that is climate-proof, safe, economically resilient and economically vital.

In 2012 Posad was commissioned by the Ministry of Infastructure and Environment to become a part of the National Delta Studio. This studio is coordinating all nine Delta programs within the Netherlands. After finishing the Deltaprogramme 2014, Posad is currently working on the Deltaprogramme 2015.

Posad furthermore contributed multiple sub-programmes with problem analysis, strategy development, clear imagery, the Dutch Delta Congress and opportunities for synergy between space and water.

Location: The Netherlands
Client: Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment
Collaborators: Posad
Year: 2009- current