Gouwe greep

The business park as an isolated, mono-functional parasite of the city is a relic of the last century. In Posads proposal for the redevelopment of businesspark ‘Goudse poort’ , a modern future-oriented district will emerge from a mix of functions, utilization of the qualities of the surrounding landscape, and the ambition to become a part of the city of Gouda.
Gouda seems to have forgotten that it is fundamentally a city on the water. Moreover, the polder landscape can only be experienced at a distance. The polder structure, which was so important for the development of the city, is no longer evident in the urban fabric.

By modifying the traffic structure, it is possible to transform the route along the river (the Gouwe) into a tranquil pedestrian area that is no longer dominated by the car. The primary traffic artery will be relocated to the heart of the business park. This intervention results in a location that is both well organized and optimally accessible.

The dike zone is eminently well suited for living and working; a location where the relationship between Gouda and the water can be re-established.

“The jury praised this idea as a smart and natural solution that removes the business park from its isolation and increases its visibility. This plan combines two worlds: the economic world of the Randstad is connected to people’s need for both small-scale and strong identity within living environments. The jury believes the Gouwe Greep proposal is a meaningful contribution to an actual problem in the development of cities and villages: it assigns an identity.”

Location: Goudse Poort, Gouda
Client: Architectuur platform Gouda, Breevast
Collaborators: Posad Spatial Strategy
Year: 2009